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Famous r4 3ds cards which always work directly and perfectly on the 3ds latest firmware version, support all ds games...




    R4i SDHC 3DS RTS has enhance firmware which has a good performance of RTS and RTG.It's one of the most popular card on the current market.

  • Supercard DSTWO

    Dstwo is the strongest and most powerful card in the market. It differs from other R4 flashcarts in its full GBA emulation, powerful new GUI, integrated auto-patch database, as well as being one of the few flashcarts that's never need a new model to get past an update

  • R4i Gold 3DS Wood

    R4i gold is a budget card with high game compatibility and quick updates. One of the popular and hot r4 3ds cards in the market.

  • R4isdhc cards

    R4isdhc series includes R4I sdhc dual core, R4i sdhc silver rts lite, R4isdhc snoopy, R4i gold pro and R4isdhc upgrade. The first three cards are more popular and widely used on nintendo console. Work directly on 3ds v9.2.0-20 and dsi v1.4.5.